World Electronic Sports Games (WESG) was established in 2016 as an international esports tournament by Alisports. WESG currently possess the highest prize pool of any third-party tournament. The competition differs greatly from that of other commercial tournaments, emphasizing on national pride, and encouraging fans to partake in the competition.

Alibaba founded Alisports in September 2015 -- a platform to boost sports in China to bring Chinese sports economy closer to the world and to keep people healthy and happy.



In January 2017, Alisports’ parent company -- Alibaba became a digital sponsor of the Olympic Games under a partnership through 2028 with the International Olympic Committee. Joining The Olympic Partner (TOP) worldwide sponsorship program, Alibaba has become the official “Cloud Services” and “E-Commerce Platform Services” Partner, as well as a Founding Partner of the Olympic Channel.



Alisports shares the “Olympic Dream” with the rest of the world. We can use our technology to reimagine Sports for the digital era, to push forward the digital revolution to make sports simpler and easier to access. It’s our responsibility to offer everyone the chance to participate and enjoy sports and the services we provide. Olympic spirit is blended into our daily work.



As far as our sports service goes, we’ve created a Sports Account on Alipay. It’s an organic mechanism where you can write your own sporty story. You get extra points by doing sports, i.e. walking about and around and you can use those extra points to trade for more prizes on Alibaba’s e-commerce platforms. Anytime and anywhere you feel like it, you get extra credits for being sporty. We aim to make sports a habit of everyone’s life and make everyone addicted to sports.



From the Olympics to everyone’s daily life, we encourage more people, especially the youngsters to join us. Sportsmanship is essential to character-building and helps form a healthy personality. In December 2017, Alisports founded Campus Sports Department to work closely with the Federation of University Sports of China and China Schools Sports Federation to cultivate campus sports in China. We strive to showcase Chinese youngsters a healthy life-style and encourage them to adopt sports as a lifestyle that lasts a lifelong time.



Alisports aims to make everyone happy and healthy in a sporty way. Our dream of becoming a nation of sports is on the way.

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