National Honor


Alisports advocates that to see esports as a real sport and dedicates to help and guide participants with scientific methodology and healthy way of training.


Pro Esporters need to build themselves as athletes and take the call seriously. Also, they should have national pride, self-discipline, teamwork, and respect for his opponents and referees.



Esports Charity


The booming of esports is contributed by the awareness and acceptance of society. Due to that, Alisports is also actively serving the society. In 2017 WESG, we partnered with Ant Credit to launch esports charity fund, aiming to donate 10% of the prize money of each country to their local charity and philanthropy organization and thus help more people to achieve their dream of esports.




WESG deeply integrates the traditional sports to the organize the esports event and is the first to use “city bidding system” to conduct the event. The “city bidding system” is a way to organize the event by calling for bid openly in different cities worldwide and aliports would provide standardized event operation resolution and regulation to help local organizers (bidders) to handle massive offline esports event including operation and promotion.


The 2017 WESG had more than 68,000 registered players worldwide with 20 regional host cities in China and other licensed overseas partners including STARLADDER (America), G2M (Africa), Orange sports (Malaysia), BASKONIA (Leberia), SEG & BLAMMO (Benelux), Nelution (Thailand), Jiaozhou, Qingdao (APAC), and Haikou, Hainan (Grand Final).



Bidders’ Rights


WESG Bidders will have priority in patner with Alisports in building local esports Ecology which includes hospitality, recreation and entertainment, E-commerce platform priority (Alisports is Alibaba’s subsidiary in sports business), gaming activities, ticketing rights, broadcasting rights, media rights, and sub-bidding rights.



Gender Equality


Since 1960, the IOC was questioned by the female representatives from Australia and Soviet Union to set the path for gender equality. However, in pro esports, male players are now in dominance which makes the prize pool 20 times of women’s. More and more female players begin to participate esports now but the pressure of playing pro and the physical difference stop them from playing against male players on the stage.


In order to encourage more female participants and herald the era of women esports. the 2017 WESG open women groups. Differed from the traditional sport that separate men and women in different groups, WESG set up the general group (with both men and women), and women group so female players could decide whether to go for women group or, the general group to compete with males for more prize and rewards. 


Esports and Community
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