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WESG 2019-01-03 00:35:00
2019-01-03 00:35:00
Another terrible trip of BlizzCon, the same desolate figure on the stage of California. Dark ended his journey far earlier than we expected. Fate seems always to be cruel, especially for Dark.

Another terrible trip of BlizzCon, the same desolate figure on the stage of California. Dark ended his journey far earlier than we expected. Fate seems always to be cruel, especially for Dark. The one with great ambitions turns to be the foil of another legend. Following the incredible history of skt1, Dark has always wanted to be one of those greatest E-sport players. And if we only consider his abilities and skills, he was almost there.  After all, he was once the hope and savior of Zerg during the time of “Legacy of the Void”, yet fate played such a cruel joke on him. His dream of winning ten champions was dashed even before the mid-night, not only once.



Although for e-sports only one player can receive all the praises and flowers on the stage, it is still unbearable to even just witness Dark keeping suffering from this kind of torments. He was defeated by a dark horse, Byun, at his most glorious peak. Byun gained his own salvation and left Dark in the darkness. Again, when he tried to take all his glorious back, he lost the battle to an unexpected player. Elazer left his mark in the life of Dark. And in another foreign land, Tyche abandoned him after he fought six fierce battles against maru when we all thought that Dark would finally become a world champion again. The most recent one is known by all of us. It was a fiasco. Even though he was not the only Korea Player who lost the glory that he had for twenty years, but his easy lost to Serral, a player he used to look down, and watching Serral build the throne on the bones of himself could still be a disaster. It might destroy the confidence and dignity of any player.


The fail of Dark seems always to be impressive for us. He is such a strong competitor for the champion in any competition he participates in. We all believed and hoped he would be able to win the match as the battle began, yet he lost again and again without any sign. He jumped into the river such bravely and desperately swim to the land of victory, but the river is such deep and boundless that devoured him in a wink. 


Dark lost his impending victory against Trap in IEM at Katowice, then he was ringed out by the well-prepared hellion tactics by Gumiho, and twice he got defeated at the last minute by Stats and Classic. Dark failed to reach our expectations for the whole year. And we all believe that he is way better than those who have defeated him or at least sits at the same level as them. Then why does Dark reply us with his signature failure?  Why, good as he is, he just lacks such a little knack? Why does he fail to win?  


Beside the cliff of depression, he firmly grasp the last rock to arduously hold himself from the hell. The artist who lost his inspiration is struggling, but the web of fate fails to rescue him.


Nevertheless, Dark is the player that people would like to interview. You never know what amazing words he will say. He is such proud, funny and outspoken, even though what he said might become a topic among Starcraft II players in the future for a long time.


Tell me, Dark, what makes you Dark?


I tried to comfort him after he was defeated at the end of last WESG and tell him that he played really well, but it was me who got comfort after I found him.


This person, who just lost the glory of world champion and 100,000 US dollars, was smiling at me. 


As I spoke, he smiled even happier.


And that is the moment I know what makes him Dark.



After suffering all those fatal failures, he can still encourage himself with all those heroic words. Unlike Dear, Soulkey, Nerchio, and Snute, the players who were once powerful but failed to regain their confidence after they were defeated, Dark rises up again and again and lets all the players who want to be the champion know that he is still standing before.


His optimism is his eternal weapon, either to be used to take his revenge or to be used to conquer more glory for him. Even though he might not notice that by himself, but he is always the one who enjoys this journey of professional player the most. He was born to be a professional player. After inheriting the spirit of SKT1, he shall be unbreakable.


He is still unparalleled. With his aggressiveness unmatched by any other Zerg player, his games are full of the storms that could be only created by him. From the start till the end, his impeccable consistency makes him be able to fit any kind of situation. He is one of the few Zerg players who are able to combine the absolute strength with the resourcefulness. Even though Serral takes away his name of “The Best Zerg Player” for now, but I believe that if there is anyone who will be as great as Serral someday that will be Dark.


Now, let us begin. Dark announced his resurgence when he got through the preliminaries at Korean zone without losing any point. He shall win the crown of world champion and take it as a part of his dream of “Ten Championships”. Dark is coming again.


Individually, I will be improving my performance, just like I’m actually doing it now, and try to be better. I want to be among top-20 players in 2019. It would be great.


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